Your New Favorite Protein Powder is Here

  • Written By:Bobbi

This is what I add to my morning smoothie and reach for it in the afternoon when I feel my energy dipping. It fills me up while nourishing my muscles and giving my brain a boost. And it’s incredibly delicious.

I'm excited to introduce you to Energizing Chocolate, our new and improved chocolate protein powder. We took everything you loved about Afternoon Chocolate (nourishing whey protein, healthy fats and prebiotic fiber) and put it into a new creamy, milk chocolate formula.


This powerful blend is formulated to support lean muscle tone and curb cravings while giving you a healthy energy boost (thanks to coconut MCTs). I love drinking it as a hot cocoa or adding a few scoops to a smoothie to help me recharge after a workout.

We also added prebiotic fiber (each serving has 14% RDI of fiber) to keep your gut bactiera happy and a blend of enzymes to support digestion. The best part? There are only two grams of sugar. It's sweetened with monk fruit and cocoa — nothing artificial. It's incredibly delicious.

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