My Love Letter to Powder Blush

  • Written By:Bobbi
  • Photography:Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Since my early days as a makeup artist, I’ve had a love affair with powder blush. It’s always been my go-to for enhancing natural flush and waking up the complexion, but it also just makes you feel good. That pop of pink is instant happiness.

justbobbi Diary Blush 4
justbobbi Diary Blush 02
justbobbi Diary Blush 06
justbobbi Diary Blush 05
justbobbi Diary Blush 03

A pink cheek hasn’t only been my go-to on set, but it’s a staple in my own beauty routine. Even on the days when I don’t wear any other makeup, I’ll put on blush—and if I don’t have any blush on hand, you’ll likely catch me pinching my cheeks to create a natural flush.

With Jones Road, it was important to me that we have a classic powder blush in our line up. I wanted something sheer and buildable that wouldn’t leave the skin looking chalky or flat. And I wanted to create a range of shades that worked across skin tones and could be layered together to suit your mood. Enter: The Best Blush.

justbobbi BlushLaunch 02
justbobbi Diary Blush Rosy
The Best Blush in Rosy
justbobbi Diary CarlyBlush Rosy
Carly wearing Rosy
justbobbi Diary Blush Peachy
The Best Blush in Peachy
justbobbi Diary CarlyBlush 01
Carly wearing Peachy
justbobbi Diary Blush Berry
The Best Blush in Berry
justbobbi Diary CarlyBlush Berry
Carly wearing Berry
justbobbi Diary Blush POP
The Best Blush in POP
justbobbi Diary CarlyBlush POP
justbobbi Diary Blush Sandy
The Best Blush in Sandy
justbobbi Diary CarlyBlush Sandy

This silky, talc-free formula is one that I think will become a staple in your own routine, just like it has mine. The Best Blush is available in five curated shades that can be used to add soft, natural color or a bold pop to cheeks. It even works on skin with rosacea by helping to add natural pink back to the skin after using concealer and foundation.

For the most natural look, choose a shade that matches the color of your cheeks when pinched. You can always layer a brighter shade on top for more impact. (Lately, I’ve been wearing The Best Blush in Sandy, a soft mauve rose.)


When it comes to application, we created our Blush Brush especially for this product. Smile and apply from the apple of your cheek to your hairline. If you have excess powder on the brush afterwards, you can add it to your nose or along your hairline—two areas where you naturally flush. You can also wear The Best Blush with Miracle Balm layered on top or with the Lip and Cheek Stick as a base or on top. Use a light hand when applying these products. I can’t wait for you to try this product. And remember: when in doubt, add blush.

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