What Bobbi Brown Does to Chill

  • Written By:Bobbi Brown

Now more than ever it’s important to find ways to take care of yourself. We’re facing uncertain times and stress levels are heightened. There is a direct link between stress and beauty. Stress shows up on your face, in your eyes, on your hair, and on your skin in a whole host of issues, from acne to dark circles. “Stress affects beauty by causing the cells in the body to divide more frequently. This affects the cellular lifespan and leads to accelerated aging and disease,” explains Dr. Jeff Lally, D.C.

Experts are just beginning to understand the link between the stress hormone cortisol and how it affects you from the inside out. Everybody has it, but how you manage and process cortisol makes all the difference in how it manifests in your body and appearance. To manage stress, we need to restore our body and our mind.

For some people, taking a break sounds like heaven. For others (like me) it can be a challenge because my mind taking a break means I am not getting something accomplished. But getting “over everything-ed” — over-stressed, over-tired, overworked — never ends well. One of the things that works for me? My EVOLUTION_18 Chill Gummy.


We developed these plant-based gummies using all-natural, THC-free hemp and it’s our answer to everyday stress. We used natural flavors (grape, lemon and orange in every bottle), ditched the artificial coloring, and even made them gluten free.

These gummies are formulated to promote a sense of calm, help you manage everyday stress, and support overall mental and physical wellbeing. Taking time to restore will ultimately make you more energized and productive. It’s all about finding time to chill.

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