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Everyone has a story. Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to work with some of the most accomplished people in the world, true masters of their craft. This podcast serves as a glimpse into their journeys.

In each episode, I sit down with friends and mentors to discuss the highs, the lows and how they got where they are today. Check out the latest guests and episodes below!


August 12: Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter

Lisa Price never could have guessed that making hair and body products in her Brooklyn kitchen would take her into the business world and even to the Oprah show. Her company, Carol's Daughter, is now in retail stores across the country. The company is named after Lisa's mother, Carol, who taught her the value of positive thinking and hard work. In this episode, we caught up to talk about her mother, trusting your gut and of course, Oprah.

August 5: Craig Dubitsky of Hello Products

Craig Dubitsky is the founder of Hello Products, an oral care company that stresses natural products and a friendly approach to dental health. He has a ton of experience under his belt. Craig is obsessed with design and connecting with the consumer, you can see it in the things he makes. He started Hello Products after being unimpressed with the unfriendly packaging of toothpaste brands in a New York City drug store. He wanted to make something more personable because that's what he is. What other CEO will personally answer calls from consumers? Seriously, if you go to the Hello Products website you can skype directly with Craig. We caught up to talk about his love of design, connecting with the consumer and creating products that have a welcoming vibe.

July 29: Chef Rocco DiSpirto

Rocco DiSpirito began his culinary career at the ripe age of 11, scooping Italian ices at a pizzeria so he could afford a Kiss album. He stuck with working at the pizzeria and started to enjoy cooking. After graduating high school early, Rocco enrolled in the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, and began learning from the best chefs in the world.

He opened his first restaurant, Union Pacific in 1997 which launched Rocco into stardom. From there, he began appearing on numerous television shows, and started writing cookbooks. Through many life events, Rocco began to look at food as a way to help people by creating recipes that are healthy and indulgent. Recently, Rocco took the reins at the Standard Grill in New York City.

July 22: Lindsey Boyd of The Laundress

Lindsey Boyd is the co-founder of The Laundress, a company that makes eco-friendly laundry, fabric, and home care products. We sat down to talk about how Lindsey she got the idea for The Laundress and what she had to put on the line to start this company — leaving her stable job in fashion, raiding her 401k, and even putting up some of her prized possessions as collateral to secure a business loan. And of course, she shares her best laundry tips.

July 15: Mickey Boardman of PAPER Magazine

Writer Mickey Boardman has been a constant fixture in New York fashion and culture for the last three decades. He's written the advice column "Ask Mr. Mickey" for [PAPER magazine](, where he is also the editorial director and has appeared on VH-1, A&E, CNN and E!. We sat down to talk about breaking the internet (you all remember that Kim Kardashian cover, right?), struggling with addiction and how he talks about body image in his newest column for PAPER, "Fat and All That."

July 8: Entrepreneur T'yanna Wallace

If you're a music legend's child, you probably can probably live comfortably without much effort. That life is not for T'yanna Wallace, the daughter of The Notorious B.I.G.. She was just three years old when her father died and was raised in Pennsylvania with her mother. While at Penn State she developed an interest in entrepreneurship. She now runs Notoriouss Clothing, a clothing store in Brooklyn. We sat down to talk about starting her business, being fiercely independent, and how she emerged from her father's shadow.

July 1: Sex in the City in your 60s with Candace Bushnell

In the 90's Candace Bushnell helped create a whole new vernacular for successful single women. She turned her Sex and the City New York Observer column into a book, which was then bought by HBO. The rest is television and film history. We talk about her early New York days hanging out at Studio 54, and how Sex and the City stemmed from her experiences with her friends, and single female culture in New York in the early 90s. Get her new book Is There Still Sex in The City? which comes out August 6, here.

June 24: Jeff Raider - The Serial Disrupter

Jeff Raider is helping you see and shave. He's the co-founder of Warby Parker, an online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses, and the co-founder and co-CEO of Harry's, a shaving and men's grooming products company and Flamingo, a grooming and shaving company for women. Jeff is the definition of a modern entrepreneur. He's an online savvy, hard working, business innovator.

June 17: Model Claudia Mason on Getting Back Up

Claudia Mason is a model and actress who has been featured on the covers of all the leading fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle and W. She's also been the face of fashion campaigns for everyone from Louis Vuitton to Versace. We sat down to talk about her career as a young model and her work as a spokesperson for the American Stroke Association, a role she stepped into after surviving a minor stroke when she was just 40 years old. She has fully recovered but remains devoted to spreading the word about stroke prevention, early signs, and treatment.

June 10: Susan Feldman of One King’s Lane, Queen of New Beginnings

Susan Feldman is an age-defying entrepreneur who caters to age-defying women. She worked in retail for over two decades, holding executive roles for Ralph Lauren, Polo and Liz Clairborne before deciding to try her hand at entrepreneurship. At a point in life when most people would be eyeing retirement, Susan co-founded One Kings Lane, a popular home decor and luxury site that eventually sold to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Her newest venture is Get in the Groove, a new life-style destination for age-defying women.

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