The Secret to Great Brows

  • Written By:Bobbi
  • Photography:Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Getting full, defined, and feathery brows is not as difficult as it might seem. When you find the right color and formula, it’s actually easy.

Despite the over-plucking trend over the years, I’ve always been a fan of a strong, natural brow (think Ali McGraw or Brooke Shields). If you can, you should take advantage of every little bit of eyebrow hair that grows naturally along your brow line.

When it comes to tweezing, try to follow the natural shape of your brows and keeping them full, and just cleaning up under the arch. You can also use a small brow scissors to trim any long hairs that some people have. It’s helpful to get a professional to shape your brows the first time, then maintain them on your own.

One eyebrow issue I often hear is disappearing brows. Here’s the solution: Fill in your brows with pencil and layer a flat eyeshadow (in a similar tone of the pencil) on top with the slanted brow brush. For unruly brows, brush up after applying pencil with a spoolie to help tame and soften any darkness.


I’m so excited to launch my perfect eyebrow pencil—The Brow Pencil from Jones Road. This formula gives you more brow with less work—it glides smoothly, giving you precise control while integrating tiny fibers and natural color into your brows, making them fuller and more defined. Whether you’re looking to extend and define or just fill in bare patches, this pencil is it.

The Brow Pencil can be used to fill in the top of the brow arch to add lift, to add light strokes to the inner edge of the brow (near your nose) to frame the eyes, or to extend the outside tip. The best part? It’s totally waterproof.

For holes in the brows due to scars or over-plucking, this formula is perfect to fill in because of the tiny fibers which add thickness.

Brow Pencil in Blonde
Brow Pencil in Ash
Brow Pencil in Light Brunette
Brow Pencil in Brunette
Brow Pencil in Dark Brunette

The Brow Pencil comes in five shades, all curated from my years of experience as a makeup artist. I recommend you choose a shade in the same tone as your natural brow color, but still coordinates with your hair color. If you have black or dark brown hair, try the pencil in Brunette or Dark Brunette. Blondes and lighter hair colors will look best with Ash or Blonde and if you’re somewhere in between, try it in Light Brunette.

I’m also excited to launch The Brow Kit, a do-it-all eye kit geared towards makeup artists. The kit includes all five shades of The Brow Pencil, our new Eyebrow Brush, and The Mascara.

The Brow Pencil ($22) and The Brow Kit ($112) are available at

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