Talking with VIOLET GREY Founder Cassandra Grey

  • Written By:Sara Bliss
  • Photography:Sebastian Kim

A force and a visionary, Cassandra Grey created the ultimate curated beauty retailer featuring only the best-of-the-best as chosen by beauty insiders. VIOLET GREY launched in 2013 featuring a tightly edited collection of amazing beauty products, a glamorous virtual zine called The Violet Files, and a destination storefront in L.A. We caught up with the busy Founder and CCO of VIOLET GREY to talk about authenticity, overcoming hurdles, and yes, Booty Pilates.


I began VIOLET GREY so I could make art that at least had the potential to be iconic! Apart from mother and wifey, founder is the title I always wanted.


I hired a CEO and I now have a boss. I am now in the Creative Director role again and all I want to do is serve our customers and impress my new boss. I am currently building out my team to execute on the vision for VIOLET. My blood, sweat and tears are in the vision and I am inspired to direct the movie again. It’s day one.

My blood, sweat and tears are in the vision and I am inspired to direct the movie again.


I think the trick is being rigorously honest in everything you do. Authenticity is gold. And the truth is much easier to find than, say, fairy dust, although I value that too.


Feeling good enough. I either feel ugly and unemployable, or hot and at the best table. I think to stay grounded, I have to be painfully aware when I run off the rails. I can usually calm down through meditation or writing a stream of consciousness. At 41, I can recognize ego when I see it. I remind myself that I know nothing and to shut up and listen. Or if it’s fear I am struggling with, I read The Man in The Arena by Theodore Roosevelt which never fails to remind me that to fail does not make me a failure.


I do all the stuff because I’m vain and I never feel gorgeous if I’m not sleeping, exercising or eating clean.

Just do it. Failing at something is way cooler than a blank page.


See The entire edit of products has been VIOLET CODE approved and therefore deemed best in class by our committee of industry pros. I am pretty excited about Bobbi’s new line that we are testing for our next wellness edit!


Lymphatic massage.


Consistent exercise with a specific superficial goal. Right now I want to work on my butt in hopes to have the one I want by spring of 2019! I am designing the program with Cindy Leos who teaches Booty Pilates! Stay tuned. .


Just do it. Failing at something is way cooler than a blank page.


  1. Raise a kind human being.
  2. Have the kinda butt that challenges others to go after it.
  3. Build my company into one that talented, kind and ambitious people are dying to work for.
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