Miracle Balm: It's All In The Name

  • Written By:Bobbi
  • Photography:Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

It’s all in the name. Miracle Balm is the secret of no-makeup makeup. Having one of those days (or not)? Just apply it all over — you don't even need to look in the mirror — and you'll instantly look better and feel better.


The best part is how versatile and easy to use this product is — it blends seamlessly onto skin, and you can apply it with your fingertips, palms, a brush or a sponge. Miracle Balm can be layered on top of foundation for an instant refresh or can be worn alone for a dewy glow, which is what I love. You can also use it on your eye lids or on your lips as a sheer stain. It's also great for correcting foundation that isn't perfect and I even like using it to help tame flyaways.

justbobbi Diary MiracleBalm AuNaturel
Miracle Balm in Au Naturel
justbobbi Diary MiracleBalm DustyRose
Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose
justbobbi Diary MiracleBalm Bronze
Miracle Balm in Bronze
Justbobbi Diary MiracleBalm Tawny
Miracle Balm in Tawny
justbobbi Diary Sunkissed 01
Miracle Balm in Sunkissed
justbobbi Diary MagicHour
Miracle Balm in Magic Hour

We formulated this with a blend of jojoba seed and argan oil to help replenish fatty acids in the skin and add moisture and antioxidants. Miracle Balm is available in four shades. Try Au Naturel for a clear, healthy sheen. If you want buildable color, grab Dusty Rose, Tawny, Magic Hour, Sunkissed or Bronze. I use all six colors, depending on my mood and the effect I want — and they all look good.

You can’t really go wrong with this one and I have a feeling it will quickly become the most-used (and loved) product in your routine.

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