Former Comedian Lisa Lampanelli on Comedy and Confidence

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Former stand up and insult comic, Lisa Lampanelli joined this week’s episode of Long Story Short to talk about her incredible journey through the comedy world to her weight loss journey and becoming a life coach. Through her life coaching, Lisa is empowering her fans to find inspiration through her own experiences. Today, she is using her storytelling abilities to try and make the world a more positive place.

On getting into comedy...

I was a journalist for many years. I wanted to be an editor, I wanted to write feature articles and it was always in the back of my mind to try comedy. Someone at Rolling Stone said to me, “Listen, it’s a very self-centered occupation. All of the attention is on you, it’s horrible.” And I was like, that’s for me. I took a little comedy class from this guy, just how to structure it a little. And it worked out.

On the pressure of being in the spotlight…

I always went to the negative when it came to comedy. For instance, I sold out Carnegie Hall and the promoter said let’s do Radio City next month. I sold those out and instead of being happy that night, the promoter came up to me and said, “I’m so proud of you — next, Madison Square Garden.” It completely deflated me. I thought I’m not even enough now? It’s always feeling like it’s enough. It’s how I take things.

We’re all just dented cans, just trying to bang out the dents from the inside.

On perfection...

There is no such thing. I think we are lucky at these ages [to say], “it’s okay not to be perfect.”

On working as a life coach…

My expertise is having a handle on the internal limiting thoughts and dissolving the thoughts that hold us back. I do workshops, one on change, one on food and body image, and it’s about saying, “What is intervening?” And dissolving it.

On her best advice…

The big thing is, I have a friend who lost 105 pounds and he says, the only thing I miss eating are my feelings. Literally, people, if you are going to people for any reason other than sustenance and a little bit of joy — not the big joy — ask yourself am I really, physically hungry? Just be easy on yourself. If you make a mistake, do not beat yourself up. Reset for the next meal, not the next day. Work on the emotional part of it. We are all trying to fill a hole with something. Nothing fills the hole like self-acceptance and that comes from working on you. It’s an inside job. If you are really desperate, get in touch with me, I’ll coach your friggen’ ass.

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