John Tisch on Hotels, the New York Giants, & Family

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Stop talking and listen. Listen to what people have to say.

John Tisch is driven. He is probably best known for operating Loews Hotels (he’s the keeper of the brand), serving on the board at Tufts University, co-owning the New York Giants, and his philanthropic work. And it doesn’t stop there. I’ve known John for over a decade and he is so humble and down to earth. We talked about our experiences in the hotel industry, what he learned from his grandparents and more on this week’s episode of Long Story Short. Listen here.

On what he learned from his family…

It was always an understanding that as we became more fortunate, took on more responsibility, [it was about] never forgetting you have a responsibility to others. I don’t like the term “giving back.” I have a different way of thinking about it, I call it “understanding one’s responsibility to the community.” We had a chance to learn that early on. We learned about hard work, we learned about discipline, we learned about risk taking, and we learned about protecting the bottom line.

On the hotel experience…

It’s incredibly gratifying when people stay with you and their expectations aren’t just met, but exceeded. It’s a big responsibility. People leave the safety and security of their home and they trust in you. They trust you are going to keep them safe. That you are going to allow them to accomplish the purpose of their trip, whether its business or pleasure. You are providing the canvas for them to accomplish what they set out for.

On what makes Loews Hotels different…

One way we plant the Loews flag is through design. We are focused on how our properties fit into their neighborhoods, in terms of architecture and interior design. And how we view our role of being a good neighbor.

On how he unwinds…

The blessing I have is an incredible wife who totally understands what is important to me, and family is incredibly important. We do everything together, I support her business and she helps me in my business. That is our release. We like eating out, we like staying home with our kids, we like traveling with our kids and close friends. We just spend time with each other. Going to a restaurant and talking is our form of relaxation.

On the one piece of advice he gives others...

Stop talking and listen. Listen to what people have to say. We all like to talk and we are all experts on certain subjects, but you really need to listen. There are other people who have really good ideas, who have fought the wars before you, and who can be incredibly helpful in your journey. Don’t make it all about yourself.

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