How to Find Your Miracle Balm Shade

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Miracle Balm is the Jones Road product I’m most proud of creating—it will seriously change your beauty routine. It’s the hero product in my photoshoot kit and in my personal makeup bag. What I really love about it is how much it instantly transforms skin. It helps to even out foundation, adds dewiness, creates definition, and can give color to cheeks, eyes, and lips.

The one question I get asked most often about Miracle Balm is: What shade is right for me? There’s no easy answer, because these shades really do work across all skin tones. And since you can wear them everywhere, it’s fun to mix and match different shades. I use all six colors, depending on my mood and the effect I want — and they all look good. Here’s a little guide to help you find the shade (or shades) that are right for you:

The Shades


Au Naturel

Au Naturel is a clear balm. It works on all skin tones and can be used anywhere you want that dewy glow — it really brings your skin to life.


Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose is a sheer, rosy pink. It’s beautiful on porcelain skin and on women with a little bit of a pink undertone. Try it on the lips or on the cheeks as sheer blush. Also works on warmer skin tones as a blushy pink on the cheeks and lips.



Bronze is golden and adds warmth to the skin. It also helps counteract redness and works super well on freckles and light to deep skin tones.



Tawny, a brownish red, is my go to — especially when I want to look super healthy. It works great on medium to dark skin tones. I really love it on deeper black skin as a highlighter and glow enhancer.



Sunkissed, a deep brownish with subtle gold shimmer, will help give skin that summer glow while adding definition. It’s great on medium to deep skin tones.


Magic Hour

Magic Hour is a diffused highlight with silver and gold shimmer. Super versatile, I love using this shade on lips, eyelids, and cheeks. It’s sheer enough for all skin tones.



Inspired by 1970s glamour, this illuminating shade is perfect for anywhere you want shimmer. It's a warm bronze flecked with silver and gold — try it on cheekbones, lips, and eyes. Going on a beach vacation? We love it on arms and legs, too.


How to Wear It

Miracle Balm does it all. Here are a few ways to use it in your daily routine:

On Face & Cheeks

I love using Miracle Balm to add natural definition and a subtle wash of color to the face and cheeks. It blends seamlessly onto skin, and you can apply it with your fingertips, palms, a brush or a sponge. Miracle Balm can be layered on top of foundation for an instant refresh or can be worn alone for a dewy glow. Just don’t forget to break the seal!


Miracle Balm is made with jojoba seed oil and argan oil, so it is super moisturizing and great on the lips. Bonus: you don’t need a mirror to reapply.


I’m a huge fan of a glossy lid and Miracle Balm gives you that same sheen but without the heaviness or stickiness that can come with an eye gloss. I like to pat it onto eyelids as a final step in my routine.

Taming Flyaways

Yep, Miracle Balm can even help with this.

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