EVOLUTION_18: Meet the Travel Beauty Essentials

  • Written By:Bobbi
  • Photography:Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

With summer travel season right around the corner, we put together a list of our must-have, TSA-friendly beauty essentials from EVOLUTION_18. From collagen shots to probiotics, here's what you need to pack in your carry on bag.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Bubbles Hydration

Staying hydrated is extra important when you're traveling, so make sure you have some of these tablets on hand. Add one to a glass of water on the plane to lock in moisture, hydrate skin and keep you feeling energized.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Collagen Shot

Put your smoothie routine on hold and get your collagen fix while traveling with these easy to take shots. Made with marine collagen peptides, your hair, skin and nails will get the boost they need.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Probiotic

The secret to glowing skin? A healthy gut. These on-the-go probiotic quick melt sticks deliver 10 billion live cultures and essential prebiotic fiber to support digestion and nourish a healthy microbiome.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Debloat Tea

Itinerary filled with rich dinners and wine tastings? Don't do it without Debloat Tea. It's the perfect remedy for the days when you overdo it a little. Formulated to remove excess water and bloating while boosting your metabolism and leaving you feeling energized.


EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Grow

Just because you've changed time zones doesn't mean you have to change your routine. Pack a bottle of Beauty Grow (made with keratin, collagen and biotin) to nourish and strengthen hair, skin and nails.

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