EVOLUTION_18: Beauty From the Inside, Out

  • Written By:Bobbi
  • Photography:Jon Paterson & Sarah Elliot

I know that feeling of opening up your cabinets and being overwhelmed, so I set out to create something that tastes good and is healthy.

My curiosity and openness to health is everything. At this stage of my life, I’ve realized that there are too many women who have angst about what they put in their body. They also struggle with the same issues I do: energy, clarity, weight etc. Most feel like if they are enjoying something, it must be wrong — and they are missing out. It’s about being healthy, but also enjoying your life. It’s not about perfection or feeling bad.

I approached creating this line, EVOLUTION_18, the same way I tackle any creative project, from cosmetics to eyeglasses. I looked at what is wrong with what already exists and how I can make it better, simpler, and integrate what actually works. These products are helping you make the right choices.


The important part of this wellness brand is about having a conversation. We love talking about food, we love talking about what to eat and what not to eat, but it has to be a conversation, not a to-do list. It is about teaching women that they need to relax a little bit. If you’re stressed about what you’re doing wrong, nothing is going to work. We have to be kinder to ourselves. Everyone is different, what works for you one week or one month, might not work for you later. There has to be a balance and a sense of enjoyment.

For me, health and wellness is not something new as a beauty expert. I have always believed that the better you take care of yourself on the inside, the better you’ll look on the outside. I have always been someone who asks: how I can feel better, how can I have more energy, how can I think more clearly?

I’m also a foodie and a health nut, so it was important for me to create something that tastes good and is super healthy. It also has to be easy to use, and something that you actually want to use regularly. I know the feeling of opening up your cabinets and being overwhelmed by how many different things you have — and I wanted to simplify that too. I am hoping that EVOLUTION_18 will do just that.

We have plans for new products and everything has to make your life easier and more enjoyable while also utilizing the best ingredients. I insist on using clean and high quality ingredients, so I worked with scientists and an integrated doctor of immunology to help me formulate these products.

Beauty from the inside out done simply.


Meet the Products:

Afternoon Chocolate

For me, this drink is the star product. The combination of organic, grass fed whey protein and premium cocoa plus vitamins and minerals helps to boost brain function and muscle tone, while leaving you feeling satisfied between meals.

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Overnight Vanilla

I love going out for dinner with my husband and was struggling to find something healthy that I could reach for before bed. I wanted something sweet and satisfying that would also help me unwind. We combined real, Tahitian vanilla with collagen, hyaluronic acid and coconut oil to boost your skin’s hydration and added magnesium to help you get a good night’s sleep.

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I am someone who has always tried to improve my digestion and has struggled with it. This Probiotic contains 10 billion live cultures to support and nourish a healthy microbiome. The lemon flavor is delicious and it’s easy to take -- just pour this quick-melt right on your tongue like a pixie stick.

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Strengthen Capsules

Who doesn’t want shinier hair, stronger nails and firmer skin? These are the areas that tend to show the first signs of aging and are important to support from the inside out. With a revolutionary new ingredient called Cynatine® HNS and 300 mcg of biotin, you’ll get a nutrient boost that you can’t find in a typical diet.

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