Bobbi Reviews It: All About the Morpheus8

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Between Instagram, TikTok, and video shoots, I’m on camera a lot. And while I take good care of my skin, there are just some things that Miracle Balm can’t fix. I’ve never been a fan of fillers, but I’m all about seeing what else is possible for the neck and jaw area as I get older. When I heard about Morpheus8, I knew I had to try it. I booked my appointment with Dr. Nossa at Schweiger Dermatology Group.

And I’m not going to lie, it really hurt—but it was quick and Dr. Nossa was very gentle. (For those who have tried Ulthera, this definitely doesn’t hurt as much.) After my first treatment, I did notice a difference in how my skin and jawline felt and I didn’t have any negative reactions.

I sat down with Dr. Nossa to learn more about this new device. I’ll report back with more results after my next visit in September.

Tell me the basics. What is this device and how does it work?

Morpheus8 is a microneedling device that uses 24 gold tipped needles that run an electrical current under the skin. That energy causes microdamage and the needles cause microdamage. This combination causes subtle damage under the skin that stimulates collagen production.

What are the benefits?

Doing a series of these treatments should cause an increase in collagen and elastin, tightening the skin and improving sagging.

How many treatments do you recommend?

It’s recommended that you start with a series of three treatment sessions, spread them out about a month apart. It’s a newer treatment, and now that I’m starting to see patients coming in for their third treatments, I’m really impressed with the results I’m seeing. I can’t wait until I’ve been doing this for a year or two and have hundreds of patients worth of results to look back at.

What about using it on the forehead?

The forehead is more of a dynamic line caused by raising brows. The microneedling can be used there, but it's not going to have as much of an impact as it does on the lower face.

I know it’s not cheap. How much does it cost?

It varies. On the lower end $800 on the high end $1250 per session.

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