My Daily Wellness Routine

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Everyone is always asking me about my routine and what products from EVOLUTION_18 I use every single day. It doesn’t have to be complicated and these products are designed to fit into any lifestyle. Here is a breakdown of what I’m using for beauty from the inside out...



I start everyday with two glasses of warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice. It can give your metabolism a boost and help with digestion. Next, I add a scoop of Beauty Collagen Powder to my coffee and get ready to workout. I’ll do a yoga class or ride on my Peloton bike.


After I finish my workout, I add Beauty Debloat Tea to 16 ounces of water and keep adding water to the bottle as the day goes on so I’m sipping on it all day. It’s also great if you overdid it a little the night before. For breakfast, I’ll make eggs or have some plain yogurt with fresh fruit.



Lunch is different everyday — and usually with my team. I always try to have a lean protein and a lot of veggies. Right after lunch, I’ll take two Beauty Gummy vitamins. They taste so good and are just the right amount of sweet that you crave after lunch.

Later in the afternoon I’ll make a hot cocoa using Energizing Chocolate. Just mix it with warm water and you’re good to go. It helps fill you up before you head to dinner (so you don’t scarf the bread basket).


If I’m going to have a cocktail at dinner, I’ll take a Beauty Probiotic before. It’s good to nourish your gut bacteria, especially before you drink alcohol. And the packets are easy to throw in your purse so you always have one on hand.

After dinner, It’s all about Relaxing Vanilla. I’ll skip dessert at the restaurant because this is so good. I make it with warm water. It’s only 60 calories and you can’t really beat that. The magnesium helps me wind down and the collagen and hyaluronic acid is great for my skin. And it gets rid of that sweet tooth.

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