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It has always been my philosophy that makeup should enhance your natural features, not cover them up and Jones Road does just that.

I am so excited to officially introduce you to Jones Road, a collection of clean beauty products that are all about the no-makeup makeup look. It has always been my philosophy that makeup should enhance your natural features, not cover them up and Jones Road does just that. These products are high performing, easy to use, and versatile. Get to know them all below. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Miracle Balm

Made with jojoba and argan oil, this versatile balm is the secret to my no-makeup makeup look. Formulated to perfect and enhance skin, Miracle Balm can be worn alone or layered on top of foundation. It’s available in four shades suited for all skin tones. $38 at


The Mascara

An inky, ultra-pigmented black mascara that is clean, cruelty-free, and conditioning. It separates, lifts, and volumizes lashes in one fell swoop. The curved wand makes it easy to coat those fine lashes at the inner corner while lengthening the outer lashes. Use a little to keep it natural or layer to go bold. $26 at


Cool Gloss

Lightweight and ultra-moisturizing, Cool Gloss melts into lips to plump and awaken with natural peppermint. Never tacky, sticky, or heavy, it can also be tapped onto cheeks for a sheer tint and high shine. Available in five shades. $22 at


Sparkle Wash

Sparkle Wash is a shimmering, dimensional liquid eyeshadow.This unique, crease-free formula is all about getting radiant sparkle that works for everyday. Sparkle Wash is best described as having a glass like sheen that is loaded with sparkle.

justbobbi JustASec Linen
Just A Sec in Linen
justbobbi Diary JustASec Pink
Just A Sec in Icy Pink
justbobbi diary justaec peach
Just A Sec in Golden Peach
justbobbi Diary JustaSec Bronze
Just A Sec in Bronze
justbobbi Diary JustaSec Pewter
Just A Sec in Pewter
justbobbi Diary JustASec Topaz
Just A Sec in Topaz

Just A Sec Eyeshadow

Just A Sec is a truly innovative eyeshadow formula. Easy to blend, crease-proof and weightless, Just A Sec leaves behind a luminous wash of color anywhere you apply it. We developed six mistake-proof shades that work for everyone.


The Best Pencil

The Best Pencil is a highly-pigmented, super precise pencil that you can use on its own or over eyeshadow. Inspired by the no-frills formulas from the 1970s when I first fell in love with my mother’s makeup. It’s available in four classic colors (Black, Navy, Brown and Silver) but with a clean, modern twist.


Face Pencil

I’ve always believed that makeup should look like skin. It should blend seamlessly and not just sit on top of the skin. What I love most about the Face Pencils is that they are virtually undetectable, yet they can cover redness, lighten dark spots and circles, correct discoloration, and even out skin tone.

The formula starts with a clear base to prevent the 25 skin-tone correct shades from looking chalky on the skin, which is the main reason foundation can look like a mask. You can even use them as an all over foundation — that’s how natural they look but most people will grab them for a quick on the go touch up. Plus, there’s no need to use powder to set them on most skin types, but can be used if you are oily.


Miracle Cream

This rich cream is all about intense hydration. It’s ideal for super dry skin types like mine and can be used as a moisturizer or as a nourishing overnight mask. Like our Miracle Balm, you need to break the seal to activate, warm the product with your fingers, and gently pat into the skin. You can use a little when you need it or a lot when you really need. It’s youth in a jar. And it makes beautiful lines in the face softer and smoother. My aunt calls it the “best crinkle cream ever.” It’s made with shea butter and sunflower seed oil, two ingredients that are powerful hydrators and rich in antioxidants. Orange and grapefruit essential oils give it a light, citrus scent. Heaven in a jar.


Hippie Stick

This is your ultimate multitasking product. You can use it on face, body, heels, cuticles and hair to tame a flyaway or add a bit of shine — anywhere you need to add moisture. It has a super buttery formula thanks to the blend of coconut oil, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, and goes on like a dream. And the scent — orange, spearmint, and lavender essential oils — is total bliss.


Eye Cream

Consider this your undereye armour. Made with macadamia seed oil and trehalose (a natural antioxidant), it delivers instant hydration to the delicate under eye area. Pillowy to the touch, it creates a really smooth base for using Face Pencils and smoothes away any fine lines in one swipe.


The Oil Stick

For on-the-go dewiness, you didn’t know you needed — but you do. The Oil Stick is a multipurpose face oil in stick form, so you can use it to add moisture anywhere you need it, throughout the day. The blend of apricot, jojoba, rosehip, and sunflower seed oils will keep all skin types hydrated and dewy. It has a clean grapefruit scent that is so nice and fresh.

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