Meet The Best Eyeshadow — Minimal, Yet Mighty

  • Written By:Bobbi

The wait is finally over — The Best Eyeshadow from Jones Road is now available. We first introduced you to this product in our Start-Up Kit and I’m really excited for you to try all of the new shades. I love this shadow because it’s minimalist, yet mighty.

These shadows were created to make wearing eyeshadow simple, easy to apply, and easy to blend. The darkest colors are super dense, so you can also use them as liners, and the other shades are super light, so you don’t even have to blend them, you can just apply them and go. And they work with our existing products, Just A Sec and Sparkle Wash, layered on top.

Whenever you’re applying eyeshadow, start with a clean lid — this will help you avoid creasing and keep the color even. This formula is best applied using brushes and we created three new brushes to help you create the perfect look. Our new Eye Fluffy Brush helps you get a sheer, even wash of color. For more intensity and detail, apply using our Eye Detail Brush. You can also use the shadows with the Eye Detail Brush to fill in brows.Ash is amazing for light eyebrows and the Dark Brown is great for darker brows. (You can also use Smokey Grey.) I like to use the Eye Blending Brush to finish the look, diffusing any harsh lines and softening edges.

For my everyday look, I’ll start with Chic and Ash, then I’ll add the Smokey Grey for more depth using our Fluffy Brush. I always finish with a few coats of The Mascara.

I like the group the eyeshadows into three shade categories: light, medium, and dark. Here’s what you need to know about our new shades:

justbobbi Diary Shadow Chic
Lilianna wears The Best Eyeshadow in Chic
justbobbi Diary Chic
The Best Eyeshadow in Chic
justbobbi Diary Cream
The Best Eyeshadow in Cream

Light Shades

The lightest shades in the range are Chic (a light ivory) and Cream (a warm, light cream). Theses should be applied to the whole eyelid as your base. If you have lighter skin, use Chic. If you have darker skin, use Cream. You could also use these shades under the brow bone and on the lower lid—it’s a very chic look to pair a light lid and an eyeliner. These shades work as a base and on their own.

justbobbi Diary Ash
The Best Eyeshadow in Ash
justbobbi Diary SmokeyGrey
The Best Eyeshadow in Smokey Grey
justbobbi Diary SoPretty
The Best Eyeshadow in So Pretty
justbobbi Diary Penny
The Best Eyeshadow in Penny
justbobbi Diary Patina
The Best Eyeshadow in Patina

Medium Shades

The medium tones include two matte shades, Ash (my personal favorite, a medium grey-taupe) and Smokey Grey (neutral deep-grey), and three shimmer shades: So Pretty (taupe base with sheer silver finish), Patina (brown-olive with sheer gold finish), and Penny (reddish-brown copper with sheer gold finish). Our shimmers are very sheer and pretty and can be mixed with the matte shades. They can also be built up and worn as an all-over color or be used to add definition.

justbobbi Diary Shadow DarkBrown
Sparkish wears The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown
justbobbi Diary DarkBrown
The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown
justbobbi Diary BCITW
The Best Eyeshadow in Best Color In The World

Dark Shades

Then for the two darkest ones, there’s Best Color in the World, a rich charcoal, and Dark Brown. These two shades are best as liners applied with a lightly damp brush. You can also use them to create a smokey eye. Dark Brown is also great for touching up any grays along your hairline.

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